Take Your Power Back From Food

Food can play so many roles in our lives that we feel as if IT is in control and not us. It is time we take control back. It is time we learn how to deal with all of the messy emotions and stresses in our everyday lives without food. Through my Feel Not Food program, I will teach you new ways to think, speak, feel, and behave so you can take your power back from food and learn how to love yourself, feel capable and confident in your body and create a balanced and fulfilled life.

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  • Focused

    This program takes the focus off of losing weight, so you can dedicate your attention to the real problem of emotional eating.

  • Transformative

    You'll leave this program thinking differently, speaking differently, feeling differently and behaving differently. This will not only transform your body; it will transform your life.

  • Comprehensive

    You'll get all of the teachings from the Feel Not Food workbook along with hundreds of videos, articles, journaling activities, discussion boards, thought-provoking discussions and check-ins. Everything you need to be successful.